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Point Curtis Cruising Club Inc.

The Point Curtis Cruising Club was established in 1958.  It was formed by like minded fisherman for recreational and competitive fishing and general camaraderie.  More recently the 3 Furlongs Hotel based fishing club joined forces to create a fishing, hunting and social club.  The club is based at the 3 Furlongs Hotel in Kaiwaka, courtesy of the proprietors. 
We have a club species board which includes fish, ducks and boar.  We have a fish of the month competition every month with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes awarded and these prizes are sponsored by local businesses. 
Fishing, shooting and pool competitions are held throughout the year.
The club meets every 1st Wednesday of the month at 3 Furlongs Hotel, Kaiwaka at 7pm.
Subs are $20 single and $30 for a family (children under 15).
Contact details: 
Commodore: Wayne Leslie  09 4312205
Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Mcleish 09 4312520
Subs are payable at 3 Furlongs Hotel or by posting with contact details to Jean Mcleish, C/o- Kaiwaka Postal Agency, Kaiwaka, 0542.