Kaiwaka Sports Association

Community Sports complex. Phone 09 4312 051

Kaiwaka Sports Association Grants Applications

Applications for grant funding are being accepted for the following periods -December and January


Applicants can click here for a downloadable application form or uplift a KSA application form from The Three Furlongs Hotel operating KSA gaming machines.
Forms can also be requested directly from KSA. All relevant details are displayed below and are also displayed at the venue.


The Three Furlongs Hotel

Postal: PO Box 52 , 
 Kaiwaka,  0573 

Tel: 094312329 Fax: 094312229

You must return the application form and any associated documentation to the Association at the address printed on the application form.

The application form contains a checklist of important information that must be included with the application in order for funding to be considered. Failure to supply all Information requested may result in the application being declined or returned to you unprocessed.

Applications are checked for completeness and considered by the Grants Committee on a regular basis.An application may take up to 6 weeks to be processed.


1. Applications are checked for compliance against the criteria of the Department of Internal Affairs and the definition of Authorised Purposes as set out in the Gambling Act 2003.

2. Funding is distributed in the local community area -
a. Provision, maintenance and development of club buildings, furniture, fittings, grounds and equipment. Excludes any bar area and/or facilities.
b. Assist sporting adjuncts within the club through the provision of uniforms, equipment, premises and the actual and reasonable expenses to travel to and compete in tournaments with kindred groups. Excludes professional sports people/teams.
c. Funds for the promotion of amateur sport within the local community. Excludes the payment of wages/salaries
d. Donations to support recognized community organisations within the local community with the provision of facilities. Excludes bar area and/or facilities.

Applicants should be aware that the ultimate decision on funding rests with the Association?s Grants Committee and that there are no guarantees that the full amount of the application will be supported or indeed the application will be supported at all.


All applications will be considered by the Grants Committee which is made up of KSA Trustees.

Applications are generally considered in the week following the closing date. Applicants are usually notified in writing within 10 Days.

The Trustees of KSA are:

Brian Jaques JP. QSM - Managing Director. Kaiwaka

Evan Wright -Farmer, Kaiwaka

Tony Hargreaves, JP -Farmer. Kaiwaka

Wayne Leslie - Farmer, Kaiwaka

Mark Ottaway QSM - Baker. Kaiwaka

Paula Jaques - Business owner

Innes Anderson - Farmer


Any complaints regarding the distribution of grant proceeds must be sent in writing addressed to:

The Principal Officer/Complaints.

KSA. PO Box 62. Kaiwaka

Complaints received in this manner will be acknowledged in writing.